Debriefing to Discuss Field Monitoring: Experiences of End-User Third Party Monitoring

After the successful completion of the project, 'End User’s Third Party Monitoring of UNICEF Interventions in the Earthquake affected districts', a debriefing meeting was held on March 23, 2016. This project monitored the accessibility and effectiveness of UNICEF interventions through 7 service components over a period of 6 months using real time third party monitoring approach. The session was conducted to hear the experience of the field monitors, the problems and challenges that occurred at the field and document their lessons for improvement in projects of similar nature.

During the session, Dr Sushil Baral, Executive Director at HERD International and the project lead appreciated the efforts of the researchers in terms of monitoring the response interventions through a neutral lens. The field monitors shared how they coordinated with different stakeholders, major issues faced during monitoring and gave recommendations. Each group did a presentation where they informed about the sites they went to and gave detailed information about their work. 

Perspectives of Project Focal Persons

Hom Nath Subedi, Senior Manager: Programme Management

The support provided during emergency is not monitored most of the time so the organization is unaware about the population benefitted from the support. This type of third party monitoring carries a big importance; it helps the organization form a plan to tackle emergency situations later. It also promotes monitoring of the support provided during the emergency period. The project will be a guiding evidence which will support in better coordination and preparations in emergency situations.

Prabin Shrestha, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

We coordinated with UNICEF cluster office and UNICEF Programme Cooperation Agreement (PCA) partners. This was a new experience as it was a large scale monitoring project. During the monitoring period the field monitors faced many challenges due to the unofficial blockade and geographical reasons. We also observed that the people of districts had not received the support as they required. It was also found there is a lack of coordination among various bodies, the relief process has been affected and the victims are still waiting for relief. The important part is we learned how to work in such an emergency period coordinating with various bodies.

Sudip Jung Karki, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

The team was good and supportive. During the period, field monitors did weekly reporting of activities carried out. We provided them feedback and then they improved upon their recording and reporting practice. 

Experiences of Field Monitors

Sandip Neupane, Field Monitor

On our way from Faparbari to Dhansahi at Shantipur we noticed many packets of Balvita (multiple micronutrient powder) at the ground on the way. I took a look and found that the packets were full. We talked to one of the officials of the Outpatient Therapeutic Programme (OTP). The local bodies were not aware about the importance of Balvita. When we talked to other people we found that the level of awareness among the community people regarding Balvita was very poor. Balvita also had some side effects like diarrhea and vomiting among others, because of which the locals thought Balvita was still in a trial period. Even at Dhading and Makwanpur it was found that the people were not aware about the importance of Balvita and the concerned organisations did not provide much information.

Bivek Khanal, Field Monitor

At Thakukot VDC in Gorkha we visited the TLC. The teachers at the TLC had only received one day training where they were also informed about how to use the equipment provided. We noticed that they were not fully trained; they didn’t have adequate knowledge about many issues. They were looking at the guide and teaching the children how to play. When we reached there they asked us if we could read the guide. It was in another language not English. We all were confused what the game was. As we saw that the teachers were having a tough time figuring out, I searched in the internet and found out the game was Chinese poker. This was an example that they were provided with equipment as well as training but it did not prove effective.


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