12 Glorious Years: Celebrating HERD's 12th Anniversary

December 23, 2016 marked our 12 years of being a dynamic national non-governmental organization, working in Nepal, promoting evidence informed policies and practices for sustainable development in heath, environmental and social sectors for improving the quality of life. The event benchmarked our initial steps in the non-profit development sector and reflected our position today compared to the time of its inception.

The event was conducted at HERD office in Thapathali and was joined by HERD’s employees, directors and representatives from Executive Committee. The Anniversary event involved a brief audio hearing regarding the views of various HERD employees. The audio was recorded one day prior to the event and the recording involved he views of the employees on ‘What was HERD to them?’ We had a special birthday cake to celebrate this event. The event hosted brief speech from our Executive Director Mr. Kishore Dhungana, Advisor Dr. Sushil Baral and Mr. Bhuwal Rai, member of the Executive Committee regarding the history of the organization and its evolution to its current form.

Sushil sir, enlightened us about how HERD had continuously developed over the decade and Kishore sir, briefly talked about the importance of how important it is to have a competent and committed team to run a successful organization.

Some of the views of the employees were as follows:

  • I will remember HERD as a place where I kick started my professional career. It has provided me with an invaluable experience which has shaped me as a professional. –Sumedha Rajbanshi (Research Officer)
  • HERD is an organization where we can share and implement our ideas and good ideas are always welcomed here. HERD is a solid platform for new comers and young professionals to learn and grow. –Ramesh Pathak (Senior Finance Officer)
  • In my opinion HERD is a good organization for young learners and is a platform for fresher. –Sushila Moktan (Office Executive)
  • HERD is an organization for dedicated employees. It is a place that teaches you to work hard. –Rabindra Rai (Office Assistant)
  • HERD has been a platform for learning and it is where I have started my professional life. –Puja KC (Project Support Officer)
  • HERD is a cradle where I give my services to support the system and in return bolster my own knowledge in IT moving together towards the path of continuous progress. Working with HERD family involves a lot of fun especially the colleagues we work with and the challenges presented by the growth of the office. Working with diverse people in diverse field gives me immense pleasure. Working closely with the people and knowing them personally and professionally makes me a better person. - Sushil Singh(Assistant IT Officer)
  • HERD has allowed me to take an up-close look into professions and organizations that I have dreamed of and experiences that have groomed me. – Swechhya Shrestha (Assistant Research Officer)
  • HERD is a pool of dedicated and intelligent people from different fields where everyone works in harmony and coordination and has quality output. Employees here are helpful and working here is fun and easy. -Manoj Dhungana (Logistics Officer)
  • HERD is the best platform for any public health professional like me to grow. It is a platform where our knowledge and experience are always welcome and given space. I am happy to be a part of the HERD family. –Praveen Paudel (Senior Research Officer)
  • HERD is a place where I get so many things to do and develop myself further. I get to learn may new things on a daily basis and is a place where I spend most of my time. -Subash Gajurel (Data Management Officer)
  • HERD is a fast growing organization in the health research sector and I feel proud to be a part of this organization.-Kiran Devkota (Administration Officer)
  • HERD is my pride. It is an organization which has excelled in the field of public health, particularly research in a very short period of time and will still develop further with time. Wherever HERD’s name is involved, my name is also involved in it. –Shyam Lal Kandel (Programme Manager)

Since its commencement, HERD has gown bigger and has had an increasing impact on the health and social development sector in Nepal and our work has been recognized in many levels. We take credit for empowering over 10000 young professionals and successfully implementing over 100 projects of various scale and intensity in Nepal. We have been working in collaboration with several government authorities I/NGOs, CBOs, local bodies, private sectors, communities and secluded people. We have been working in close coordination with over 30 different partners and educational institutions and have grown from a small organization to a national level organization. Our scope of work involves the areas of migration, crisis response, surveys, health, capacity building, social development, governance, women empowerment, education, policy development etc. Furthermore, to develop our capacity we have conducted over 500 different trainings and workshops for care providers, field researchers, development professional, health policy and programme designers and implementers. Our quality of work has been our major strength for our growth and success and is the prime motive of our effort.

HERD has walked its way through a long and difficult path. This anniversary was a milestone to our success. On this occasion, HERD remembers and thanks all its partners, members, employees (present and past), customers and other stakeholders for taking the organization to where it stands today. We have been an independent research institution with high quality output delivery and have been increasingly approached by other organizations and research institutions. We have expanded our assets, financial capacity, and scope of work in the past decade. Today we have more experienced, skilled and dedicated staffs and we feel that our work has made an impact in bring positive changes in the community and society.

Today we have a developed organization structure with appropriate operations, logistics, finance, human resource, communication and ICT. We have a state-of-art working condition with dedicated and motivated employees. We also possess the right mix of experience and energy in our organization which is demonstrated by our wide range of employee age group.

We have come a long way and we believe that there is still a long way to go!

With gratitude,

Research Uptake and Communications Team

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Research Uptake and Communications Team


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