How the World Celebrated World Health Day? A Summary of Events

Various organisations celebrated World Health Day (WHD) 2016 on April 7 across the world by conducting various activities. Every year the WHD is marked to raise awareness and draw attention about various global health issues. This year, the focus is on diabetes. The day is being observed with a slogan, ‘Scale up diabetes prevention, strengthen care, and enhance surveillance’.

Some of the event highlights as updated through Twitter is presented below:

How Did We Celebrate WHD at HERD?

Marking WHD, a quiz programme was organized on April 5 at HERD “How well do you know diabetes”. 31 researchers participated at the tablet-based quiz and the questions were basically about definition, types, symptoms and complication of diabetes, location of pancreas, among others.

Special Series ‘Diseased with Diabetes – Celebrating World Health Day 2016’ was published on April 7 celebrating Nepal’s efforts towards diabetes control. The document has reflected back how diabetes is emerging as a danger particularly in increasing urbanisation and consequent changes in our lifestyle. Perspectives of the practitioners and the patients about how they view about the increasing prevalence of non-communicable diseases, particularly diabetes are also documented.

summary of a review article titled, 'Addressing diabetes mellitus as part of the strategy for ending TB' published in Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene was also published by HERD. The article is written by Anthony D Harries, Ajay M V Kumar, Srinath Satyanarayana, Yan Lin, Rony Zachariah, Knut Lonnroth and Anil Kapur.

HERD staff also participated in the Have Your Say initiative where they shared their message on the occasion of the WHD through Twitter. Their messages are presented below:

  • Asmita  Panta - 'Prepare your diet plans'
  • Sangeeta Khimbanjar - 'Reduce amount of added sugar in food n drinks'
  • Kritagya Regmi - 'Improve Your Health Seeking Behaviour'
  • Puja KC - 'Good Diet results in Good Health'
  • Ian Walker - 'Eat Healthy, Be Active, Live Long'
  • Smriti Maskey - 'Schedule a regular exercise plan'
  • Sudip Jung Karki - ‘Be Active, Stay Fit and Live Healthy’
  • Uden Maharjan - ‘Let's think healthy, let's live healthy’
  • Hom Nath Subedi - ‘Investing in people's economic activities leads to improved health outcomes’

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